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Who we are

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What data we collect and why we collect it

Cookies and access logs

We only use session cookies, which expire at the end of your visit. Our webhost collects access information (IP, time of access, self-identification headers, requested location, and response code given) and stores it in a logfile for 30days.


We use GoogleAnalytics to get an idea about single visit — when, from where, for how long, and what pages they visit, — but we only store part of their IP address (the last group of digits is changed to zero) together with their browser settings and behaviour. This means we cannot distinguish new from repeat visitors, and some precision about their geographical location is lost; but it also means we store no personal data as we cannot relate any activity to specific persons or IPs.


Only if you try to log in without having an account, scan for vulnerabilities, and/or try to maliciously access the website, then your IP will be logged and potentially blocked.

Contact information

The project contact person is Prof. Katharine Tyler at the University of Exeter (UK). The webadmin and person responsible for data management is Dr. Michel Durinx at as well as the University of Exeter.